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Coldday - a very special tribute to Coldplay

Coldday was born in 2012. This band is the result of joining 4 musicians, their talent and their efforts to make a great, faithful and honest live tribute to Coldplay, the band formed by Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion. This is definitely a band made by coldplayers and for coldplayers.

The band comes from Barcelona, where they started making its name bigger and bigger among other tribute bands. Its devotion for the hard work has brought the band to all different kind of stages, from private events to big audiences in big theaters or auditoriums. They have also played in different countries such as Spain, Andorra, France, Belgium, Nederland, Luxemburg, Germany, Romania and soon they'll be performing in East Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, etc).

Don't panic
In my place
God put a smile upon your face
A rush of blood to the head
The scientist
The hardest part
Speed of sound
White shadows
Fix you
Viva la vida
Violet hill
Strawberry swing
Christmas lights
Lovers in Japan
Every teardrop is a waterfall
Charlie Brown
Major Minus
Up in flames
Us against the world
Hurts like heaven
Mylo Xyloto
Life in technicolor
Sky full of stars
True love
Another's arms

Palma de Mallorca Auditorium
Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona
Zacarias Venue Barcelona
Cabaret Berlin Barcelona
Sala Matisse Valencia
Lloret Clone Music Festival
Out of Control Festival (Bastendorf, Lux)
Boema Club (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Luz de Gas, Barcelona
Saarburg Music Festival
Café La Palma, Madrid

... and many more

General Information:

Name: Coldday - a very special tribute to Coldplay

Location: International

Band Members: Xavi, Edgar, Xavi, Adrià

Main Category: Tribute/Theme Bands

Other Categories: Awards Ceremonies, Corporate, Events, Festival Entertainment, Live Music, Live Bands


4 Piece Band:


Standard Set Times: 90 minutes

Set Up Time: 60 minutes

Usual Arrival Time: flexible

Usual Finish Time: flexible

Space Required (w x d):

4 Piece Band:

Sound & Lighting:

PA suitable for: no P.A.

Stage Lighting:

Dance Floor Lighting:

Free use of PA via iPod:

DJ included:

Star Cloth: Yes

Other Requirements

Hospitality/Artist Rider: Travels, transfers, hotels & meals

Technical Requirement: BACKLINE REQUIRED

- 1 guitar combo amp (like a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Fender Twin Reverb, etc)
- 1 bass combo amp (like a Galien-Krueger, Mark Bass, Ashdown, Ampeg, Trace Elliot, etc)

- 1 HQ full drum kit (including snare, hi-hat, toms, kick drum, cymbals, stands and stool)

Additional equipment:
- 1 guitar stand
- 1 bass stand
- 1 keyboard stand
- 1 additional drum stool (for the keyboard)

*** we also use projections in our performances, which improve a lot our shows. If possible, a projector,
a laptop/dvd player and a screen on stage would be just perfect. Anyway, only if possible.


- P.A. and mixer characteristics depending on the venue & audience.
- Appropiate lights depending on the venue (laser and fog machine would be appreciated)
- 4 monitors - singer brings his own in-ear monitoring system (5 different monitor lines if possible)
- 3 vocal mics SHURE SM58 + 4 stands.
- 1 wireless mic (Shure SM58, Sennheiser, etc) + stand. Singer will bring his own but frequences might
not work in Romania.

Lines required:
- Full microphone kit for the drums
- Microphones for both guitar & bass amps (Shure SM57 or so)
- 1 mono D.I. for multipad
- 1 mono D.I. for sequencer
- 1 stereo D.I. for keyboard

*** if we can count finally on the projections we would need an audio output from the laptop/dvd player
to the mixer too.

VERY IMPORTANT: Only the four-member band will come to Romania. A sound engineer would be
required. We would appreciate if he could capture Coldplay concept to respect the sound as much as

* ask for a channel list too *

Eva, Amazing show in Cafe La Palma, Madrid

Hi,I´ve just seen your amazing concert in Madrid! You really sound like Coldplay.Your alive is pretty good! Let me know when you be back! Bravo: )

Bernd Greif, Saarburg, Germany

Hello to everyone of you. We hope your way home was allright. It was a great pleasence to meet you and your gig was a absolute fantastic one, but the aftershow party in " the villa " was similar as good as the show on stage. We hope, that we can meet each other again as soon as possible. Greetings from Saarburg, Bernd, Kerstin, Steffi and Anja

Vicky, Coldday in Calvià, Mallorca.

Just came back from seeing you in Calvià, Mallorca!
You were amazing!
I reaaaally enjoyed it! Hope I can see you again!
I wish you a lot of luck in everything you do!

Julianna, Coldday at Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona!

Great Concert in Barcelona!! Congratulations!!!

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