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Toastmasters & Master of Ceremonies

Hiring a Toastmaster for your wedding ceremony or as a great addition to any corporate event will add a truly magical experience that everyone will enjoy.

The origins of proposing a 'toast' at celebrations dates back to the 17th century, and a toastmaster (also known as a master of ceremonies or guardian of etiquette) has been a traditional fixture at Royal and formal social events for centuries.

Today, most weddings are formal occasions and during the wedding reception you require someone to co-ordinate, direct and announce the ceremonial proceedings such as the receiving line, speeches and cake cutting ceremony etc.
There are many benefits to having a professional toastmaster at a wedding.

A professional toastmaster wears ceremonial clothes (most noticeably a red tail coat) thus adding to the pomp and splendour of any wedding.

Experience in dealing with formal occasions brings the toastmaster's skills in to play, ensuring the smooth and efficient running of a wedding reception.

They discreetly go about duties and provide confidence and a calming influence on the bridal party.

Toastmasters are also experts on wedding etiquette and protocol, which will ensure that the members of your bridal party who have roles to fulfil during the reception do so in the right order and without embarrassment.


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